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Measurement is Blaspheme – Measures the effectiveness of the unmeasured Memphis economic development complex while identifying the problems of atrocious small business development and disconnected education/workforce development regarding deficient Memphis/Shelby total wage growth

Workforce Development is Economic Development – Discusses how corporate/real estate tax abatements have been prioritized over a true driver of economic development in workforce development while providing a research based solution.

Benchmarking Excessive Incentives – When it is said “every city offers incentives” which is agreed, this blog benchmarks the incentive excesses in the Memphis system that undermine the true drivers of economic development in small business and workforce development. The Memphis establishment dismisses their own people by not transacting with local small business or educating its population.

Commercial Appeal Memphis Tomorrow Article – Memphis Tomorrow can’t stand it when they don’t completely control the narrative which is the reason for the CA disclaimer regarding Electrolux at the top of the article where a refuting reference can be produced.

Memphis Tomorrow Sets the Standard / Nightmare – Best blog I have ever written



Workforce Development Articles

Joe B. Kent Public Comment – (You may need Silverlight or Flash to view)

GMACW References

Memphis Small Business Rankings vs 106 Metros

Memphis Non-Profits



National Income Inequality

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