Educational Attainment Requirements by Geography

This is categorized by O*NET Job Zones which categorizes educational attainment based on geographical projected occupational demand. The Job Zones are: 1- Less Than High School, 2- High School Equivalency, 3- Associates Degree, 4 – Bachelors Degree, 5-Masters or above. Keep in mind there are a host of post-secondary awards that lie between job zones. For instance there are a large number of occupations that require a Job Zone 2 high school equivalency and a post-secondary certificate award but less than Job Zone 3 Associates Degree. An example would be a commercial truck driver. The below data shows Memphis occupational demand educational attainment requirements to be in line with the National Average of 23% with a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher. Other geographies in this sample include Louisville-21%, Washington DC – 37% and Philadelphia – 25%. See below

USA Memphis Louisville DC Philadelphia